SES Smart Technology

The Brief

SES Engineering part of the Wates Group since 2015, is the UK’s foremost design-led Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) provider. SES specialises in the design and installation of building services and infrastructure solutions covering all aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering.

Covid has provided many unexpected challenges, which have led to a faster growth in the advancement of Smart technology than would otherwise have been the case. The brief was to utilise Smart technology to improve the occupant experience with the built environment through contactless interaction. Tenants voiced concerns about getting back into the office environment from a more comfortable working from home ‘safe space’.

Landlords recognised they need to be able to offer a covid safe environment to provide peace of mind and safety, to get workers back to the office, a massive increase in the specification of smart building integration was borne from this experience. The 4 Angel Square project considers how people interact with the built environment and each other, whilst considering social distancing and introducing contactless touchpoints for managing heat, light, ventilation and access, reducing lanyards and passes and maximising smartphone use.

Our Philosophy

Richard Sumner provides a bespoke service to each individual client for every customised project offering in-depth research and testing of mechanical and electrical options to address the needs of the project and to provide the most effective and efficient solutions. Products are selected based on detailed research, trials, functionality and cost.

The Solution

Engaging the occupant with the building and ensuring individual systems interact with each other to share data is the core focus of this project, leveraging functionality from one system to another, about data and user experience. SES wanted to really improve the occupant experience, allowing occupants to engage with the space they are in whilst withdrawing common touchpoints around the building.

CCTV cameras were deployed, the analytics within the camera are used to count people and sense movement, this data can then feed into the ventilation system to manage the heating and cooling for individual rooms or buildings saving the occupier ongoing costs, covid ventilation and user comfort.

The detailed technical design seamlessly shares data in MEP, security and fire within the building, with contactless interaction. Each occupant utilises their own mobile phone to manage access, lighting and heating. The cameras use analytics to detect the number of occupants and determines the optimum light levels. Access control through turnstiles and reader in and out technology manages maximum capacity for covid regulations, access is then restricted until occupants leave.

Richard has brought his knowledge and experience of many different product sets, and manufacturers to this project. He has built many relationships with suppliers, individuals and businesses over the last 33 years, his relationships allow a direct conversation with manufacturers, what is embedded in their technology that can be used, this allows everyone to seamlessly work together.

SES has worked with Richard for 13 years. Richard is a critical friend to the business, he represents SES and allows a direct partnership between all the different companies RS Security works with. James Thomas, National Engineering Manager said about RS Security’s involvement:

Richard is the ultimate facilitator, connecting the relationships he has with clients and suppliers to create amazing interactions with the most effective solutions.

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