All aspects of security consultancy are undertaken by RS Security. Whatever your large scale requirements, RS Security will investigate your brief, research the options and alternatives and implement a plan far superior to any other. The team will take the time to understand your space and needs before beginning the plan and investigating the options. All options will be tested for effectiveness, cost saving and discretion.

RS Security provides a bespoke service to each individual client offering in-depth research and planning of the project and testing of security options with camera facilities to address the needs of the client. This provides the most effective options for the premises with clarity of images on security cameras, timing detail and usage being of paramount importance.

Richard is extremely proud of some of the savings he has gained for clients, at Media City UK, a total of £1.2 million per year in comparison to the previous provision is being saved on an ongoing basis.

RS Security will act as a Co-ordinator for the full project, ensuring all aspects of the job are up to specification and are implemented at the correct time.

Products are selected based on trials, functionality and cost. In order to assess the appropriate equipment for any project, Richard personally undertakes considerable testing, this involves testing equipment for effectiveness in the required role, for example, for a camera this includes the clarity, lighting, range and coverage and the best position. The testing involves detail such as assessing the distance that a car registration can be read and the clarity of the imagery and effectiveness of the lighting through the night, when there is no daylight. This testing is vital to provide projects with the coverage and peace of mind required.

The same level of testing applies for gate control, video intercoms, CCTV, barriers, alarms and cabling. Through 32 years of security design and project management experience, Richard understands what is required for each project to record and analyse events but most importantly to deter criminals and prevent incidents.

Solution selection process

  • Design Brief

    Design Brief

  • Camera Trials

    Camera Trials

  • Functionality


  • Cost


Secured by Design

Secured by Design is a UK police initiative to support a major Government objective – the creation of secure places where people wish to live and work.  Secured By Design accreditation is widely recognised and desired in the world of property development.

To be awarded ‘Secured By Design’ a development has to have applied the principle of ‘designing out crime’ by the implementation of preventative security measures and security standards. We work carefully to achieve these standards, ensuring our projects realise Secured by Design specifications.


RS Security Consultants are Suitably Qualified Security Specialists (SQSS) to BREEAM standards. To earn the credits for security contained in section HEA06 of BREEAM UK New Construction, any project team must enlist an SQSS to evaluate the likely threats and associated risks posed towards a building, and offer strategic recommendations to the project team as to what design and technical measures may be deployed to protect it. An SQSS has specific knowledge and skills of the detail and specification of the project to allow the team to arrive at appropriate, proportionate and effective security solutions. Those skills are demonstrated by a minimum level of experience, an academic qualification in the field, and a membership to a relevant professional body.

A BREEAM rated development is a more sustainable environment, it enhances the well-being of the people who live and work there, protecting natural resources and making property investments more attractive, is of the utmost importance. RS Security work to the highest specifications and considerations achieving BREEAM ratings on their projects to give their clients the best standards, finishes and overall satisfaction.

What will we do?

One of the security consultancy services offered by RSSC is to act as a central coordinator throughout a project to simplify the application of Secured By Design principles.  We work with the Client, Design Team and the local Architectural Liaison Officers to ensure that all Secured By Design principles have been addressed during the design and applied during the construction phase of a project.  Through this process we can assist in the qualification of Secured By Design status for the scheme and the subsequent award of the accreditation.