The award ceremony was certainly worth the wait!

The Association of Security Consultants dinner was finally able to go ahead on Friday 1st October 2021, after being postponed in 2020 due to covid. The prestigious event, held at the House of Lords, was an extra special occasion bringing together the board and members of the ASC in a face-to-face environment.

The Imbert Prize, awarded annually to the best master’s dissertation on a security-related subject, was awarded to Agniete Pocyte, a graduate of the University of Glasgow, who secured the award with her master’s dissertation entitled, ‘From Russia With Fear. Sentiment Analysis of Russian Disinformation’.

The Mike Cahalane award is presented each year to an independent security consultant for consultancy work and to highlight and recognise the positive difference that independent security consultants can make in the public and private sector. Mike was one of seven independent security consultants who founded the ASC in 1991, a stalwart professional in both the security consultancy field and the security systems industry. Passion for professionalism and standards in the security industry were Mike’s focus and that is what this award stands for. The 2020 award was presented to Richard Sumner of RS Security Consultants, now a board member for the ASC.

Richard is delighted to be recognised for his fast-paced and forward-thinking consultancy work, with high standards always of paramount importance to him. Attending the award meant a lot to Richard, enjoying the evening with his industry peers, together acknowledging the difficulties faced and triumphs achieved through the last eighteen months of covid.

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