Innovation Centre & Vanguard House by Langtree


Langtree Property Partnership have a long-standing relationship with Richard Sumner of RS Security Consultants having worked together for sixteen years.

For the Innovation Centre and Vanguard House both at Daresbury, the brief was to upgrade the CCTV system. The current system is becoming obsolete with both being over a decade old. RS Security was asked to upgrade the security and provide a better system than was currently in place. They required better clarity in recordings and modern technology. Last year there was a catalytic converter stolen from a tenant’s car in the car park, an upgraded more efficient system should combat this type of activity. Because of the layout of the site and the adjacent embankment the area where the thieves entered the site was not covered and this needed rectifying in the upgrade. The previous system did not set off the alarms and the faces were not clear after the event on the CCTV footage.


Richard Sumner, Director of RS Security Consultants spent time with Lee Williams, Head of Facilities at Daresbury, scoping the potential camera positions for full coverage, RS Security encourage the unique philosophy of client engagement, and as Head of facilities, Lee Williams knew the buildings better than anyone. Following testing Richard presented the images obtained to Langtree, with the specifications of cameras and colours required for the best clarity, the cables required for optimum effectiveness (if new ones were required) and their positions on the site. Once the proposal had achieved sign off, Richard then managed the tender process and presented the numbers to the Langtree team, with a view to delivering on-site once final sign-off has been gained.

The Solution

Following a full survey of the site, tests and trials, the optimum systems were ascertained to give full coverage for the site ensuring all areas were covered by cameras and triggers, even the black spots. Implementing wire triggers in the embankment ensured that any unwanted visitors over the embankment would cause an instant security alert 24 hours a day, evenings and weekends, ensuring full security and providing peace of mind for Langtree and all their tenants, knowing this deterrent is in place. Jayne commented,

Whilst we’re very good at letting property and managing it, we’re not technical in CCTV and security and so whenever we need an upgrade or a tendering process, Richard is our ‘go-to consultant’ he gives us the right results every time. He is trustworthy, loyal and nothing is ever too much trouble. The customer-service and dedication he gives to each job is second-to-none. We’ve never tried another security consultant because we’ve never felt we need to, he gives 100% very time. The ongoing care he gives, even when there isn’t an ongoing job, he’ll give us a call to see how we’re doing, if we need any help, he’s a proactive consultant and that’s what we need, a well-trusted pair of hands that delivers every time.

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